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Ferrier Wire + Design Metals weavemesh Zeta 1 and C260 brass 2 x 2 patterns in a boutique shoe salon in midtown Toronto.  The Zeta 1 makes up a dramatic wall on which custom shelves (fabricated by Ferrier) display a beautiful array of footwear and accessories.  The brass weavemesh is incorporated into the front of the desk (not installed by Ferrier).  For information about this project or others by Kelvin Kellman Architecture, please visit or email them at

Kelvin Kellman Architecture Boutique Shoe SalonKelvin Kellman Architecture Boutique Shoe SalonKelvin Kellman Architecture Boutique Shoe Salon

Ferrier Wire + Design Metals weavemesh, perforated, Ampliato (expanded) and Textura (patterned) metals offer a wide variety of options for use in commercial, retail, restaurant and residential applications.  For more information about these products or if you have any questions, please email us.

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